CitiManager App – Find Out How to Download and Use it for Free

As a Citibank customer for years, I can attest to the bank’s commitment to ensuring that all customers will have a great banking experience. It constantly improves its banking services and financial solutions for its customers.

As proof of its commitment, Citibank has launched its mobile banking app called CitiManager. It lets me use my phones or tablets to access all my key account data of my corporate cards anytime and anywhere.

Learn more about the CitiManager app and its features below. Discover how I utilize the CitiManager app to get a great mobile banking experience. Check how to install and set up the CitiManager App on your phone.

  • Getting to Know Citibank
  • Using the CitiManager App
  • Managing My Citibank Accounts on the CitiManager App
  • Activating My Card on the CitiManager App
  • Updating My Contact Information on the App
  • Receiving Alerts from the CitiManager App

CitiManager App - Find Out How to Download and Use it for Free

Getting to Know Citibank

Citibank is the retail banking brand of Citigroup, which is a worldwide financial services provider. In 1812, the City Bank of New York, which would eventually be renamed the First National City Bank of New York, established what is now known as Citibank.

CitiManager App - Find Out How to Download and Use it for Free

The bank operates over 2,600 branches in 19 countries, including 700+ in the United States and 1,400+ in Mexico, run by its subsidiary Banamex. The majority of the United States branches can be found in the following six major cities: New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami, and Washington, DC.

The banking institution is known for its products and services specializing in credit cards, mortgages, personal loans, commercial banking, and lines of credit. Citibank focuses on the personal and private banking of its customers.

There are additional products and services of Citibank: Citigold, Digital Wallet Support, and Multi-factor authentication. The Citigold service is available in 34 countries and is handled by the Citi Private Bank.

Installing the CitiManager App

To make the banking services and financial solutions more accessible to customers, Citibank launched its official mobile banking app in October 2017. The CitiManager app focuses on the customers’ Citibank corporate cards.

When I discovered the CitiManager app, I knew it would be extremely helpful as it would make the banking services available 24/7 and within my reach. The CitiManager app is available on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

Since the CitiManager app is an official website of a bank, it is entirely free to use. The CitiManager app must be installed on AndroidOS 5.0 and up and iOS 11.0 or later to run smoothly.

Using the CitiManager App

The CitiManager app promises to bring convenience to my commercial banking needs.

CitiManager App - Find Out How to Download and Use it for Free

The app is available for multiple types of devices, including Android and iOS. To be able to use the app, you must have a compatible wireless web-enabled phone or other mobile devices to enjoy the app.

The CitiManager app is for eligible users of Citibank commercial cards. To enjoy the app’s content and features you must also register an account on the app.

Registering for Online Access on the CitiManager App

New users must register on the app for online access. To do this, the CitiManager app asks for my credit card number and security code (CVV) to get started on the app. Then, the CitiManager app will match my provided information to their records.

Once I verify my identity, the CitiManager app allows me to register by choosing my preferred username and password.

Managing My Citibank Accounts on the CitiManager App

The primary goal of the CitiManager app is to make everything convenient for us customers, especially account management. I like that I do not need to visit a Citibank branch to process transactions, as almost everything was available on the mobile app.

CitiManager App - Find Out How to Download and Use it for Free

Citibank supports account management using the CitiManager app. First, I can check my account summaries anytime and anywhere. Whenever I have the chance, I check the account summaries to ensure that all processes are successful.

Account management of Citibank commercial cards also allows me to switch between my Citibank commercial cards. This helps me stay on top of everything related to my Citibank cards and organize my finances with ease.

It is also possible for me to view all my previous account statements and all current accounts.

Checking My Transactions History on the App

One of the most helpful features of the CitiManager app is its transaction history. The CitiManager app records all the past and recent transactions so that I can check them anytime I want and need them.

The transactions history will let me know if all the transactions made with my Citibank cards are successful. It also serves as a security feature because I can double check the purchases made throughout the month to ensure there were no fraudulent or duplicated transactions.

I can also monitor if suspicious or unauthorized transactions are made with my Citibank accounts. With this, I can easily report them to the bank so that they can take the necessary course of action.

Activating My Card on the CitiManager App

Citibank proves that it values its customers by taking action immediately whenever there is an issue or concern. I can easily report to the bank if my card is lost or stolen so Citibank can freeze my account to avoid unauthorized transactions.

CitiManager App - Find Out How to Download and Use it for Free

Upon the arrival of my requested card replacement, I can instantly activate my card through the CitiManager app. It means that even though the bank is the one who froze the account, I can activate it.

On the app, it asks me for confirmation that I have received my replacement card. I only need to select the “Yes” button to proceed. Then, the banking institution immediately activates my card.

The CitiManager app mentioned that if I receive the pop-up and the account does not get activated, I can just call the branch or head office.

Viewing My Card’s PIN on the CitiManager App

I will never have a hard time remembering my Citibank card PINs because the CitiManager app offers a View PIN feature. It lets me check my cards’ PINs anytime, so I will be prepared to withdraw in an ATM.

The “View PIN” option is on the app’s home page. Then, the CitiManager app asks me to provide the preferred contact number, where it will send the One Time Passcode (OT) and click “Continue.”

Once I have received and entered the OTP, I can check my PIN whenever I need them. The app also mentioned that I could only view my PIN online twice per session.

Updating My Contact Information on the App

All banking institutions require an updated version of their contact information. This policy will help the bank keep track of its customers’ changes in lifestyle, work, and hobbies. We all know the importance of residential addresses and phone numbers in updating their records.

CitiManager App - Find Out How to Download and Use it for Free

To update my contact information in the CitiManager app, I have to click the “Card” icon on the side of the navigation bar. Moreover, I need to click the “Card Maintenance” link. Then, I must verify my country and language preference on the CitiManager app.

Finally, I can now proceed to enter and update the desired files. All the changes made on the CitiManager app will also be updated on the bank’s official records.

Applying for a New Card on the CitiManager App

A new card application is one of the most exciting features of the CitiManager app. It works best for me whenever I lose or get my card stolen. I only need to report the card on the app, so Citibank will instantly freeze the account.

Thus, the CitiManager app also allows me to apply for a replacement or get an entirely new card. To use, I must check the My Profile tab and select the “Apply for a new card” option.

Then, I have to enter my valid invitation passcode and an invitation email.

Receiving Alerts from the CitiManager App

Another security and account management feature of the CitiManager app is the CitiManager notification. With this feature, I need to choose whether I would want to receive alerts via SMS or email for possible unauthorized transactions.

CitiManager App - Find Out How to Download and Use it for Free

To set up the notification, I only need to find the “Alerts” icon on the side navigation bar. Then, I have to confirm my email address or phone number o ensure that I really the one who receives the email.

Take note that the alerts are present if there are attempts to use my card without my permission. I will be alerted in a few moments, and I can instantly call the bank to report.

Initiating a Billing Dispute on the CitiManager App

It is commendable that the bank understands that there might be lapses in my credit statements. Thus, it provided the CitiManager app’s billing dispute online feature.

To initiate a billing dispute, I need to look for the Statment icon on the side navigation bar. Then I have to select the additional transition details. I have to click the Dispute button to see the drop-down list of possible reasons for the dispute.


The CitiManager app aims to provide convenience in its customers’ commercial banking experience. The CitiManager app allows its clients to manage their accounts, activate cards, apply for a card, and more.