Smule Karaoke: Discover a Community of Singers Around the World

Is karaoke your favorite pastime when you take a break from your busy lifestyle? If it’s not, then here’s why you should go for karaoke sessions once in a while to amplify your mood. Karaoke boosts confidence within you by increasing your self-esteem since very few people dare to sing in front of an unknown audience.

Most importantly, it helps you to socialize by showcasing your hidden talent. And let’s not forget that while singing, we release endorphins – which is a happy hormone. Another benefit of karaoke is that you don’t have to go out in public to enjoy it, as there is a lot of software and apps available online.

With this being said, the Smule app is the latest and greatest way to enjoy online karaoke, whether with friends or perfect strangers. Also, what’s more, entertaining and lively than live-streaming your videos with your fans? Before moving ahead to downloading the app, explore more about what best you can do with Smule!

Smule Karaoke: Discover a Community of Singers Around the World
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About the Smule Sing App

Released back in 2012, Smule is a singing app having more than 10 million downloads to date. Users get an authentic karaoke experience with this app, as it totally revolves around singing. If you don’t want to sing, you can watch other pop singers, let them make your day!

Smule Karaoke: Discover a Community of Singers Around the World
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Smule became more popular in 2017 when they started offering Disney official duets with songs like, ‘You’re Welcome’ and “The Rock.” In 2018, the app was described as “the biggest music app you haven’t heard of” by CNET. 

The app encourages users with its gamified recording studio, packed with bells and whistles, which you must try at least once!

How to Download and Install the Smule App?

To get started with the Smule Sing App, the app is compatible across several latest device versions like Pie 9.0. You can download it either from Google Playstore or the Apple App Store. The download size is 47.3 MB; hence, it won’t take up much of your device’s space. Even though the app is widely popular, it’s not yet available for the Windows version.

After downloading and installing the app, you will have to create your Smule account. To sign up, enter your Email address, Facebook account, Google Account, or Contact number to get started quickly. You will now get an option to customize your Smule feed, and over here, you have to be careful about what you will choose.

Whatever option you will pick, the app will give you a related song to start with. And if you have missed any genre previously, you can search for it and rock on further. Now you are all set to find the perfect song for your next pop video!

Features of Smule App

Easily Search for Songs: There are several music options available within the app, like “Top Hits,” “Trending Now,” “Free,” “Pop Music,” and a lot more to search from. Click on any of the options and go through the list of songs. After finding a suitable one, tap the Sing button beside it.

Smule Karaoke: Discover a Community of Singers Around the World
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Over there, you will get an option to choose to sing the song with a group, or with a stranger, or all alone. You can also randomly pick up a person’s karaoke song and can sing along with them!

Option to Connect to Friends and Strangers

If you don’t want to sing with any stranger, you can invite any of your friends using the Smule app. All you have to do is set your Collab as public and start inviting your followers. For inviting, tap on the invite singers button available near every song.

Also, through the Buddy icon located in the lower menu, you check out your Smule Sing feed and can explore what your friends are doing! To find out any invitations you have received by far, check out your notification icon. To make your profile more attractive, don’t fail to add your picture!

Instant Messaging

Smule allows users to send messages just by tapping the Notifications button. Over there is a  Messages icon (speech bubbles) available in the top-right corner of the app. But do note that you can only message those individuals with whom you’ve already connected with.

Smule Karaoke: Discover a Community of Singers Around the World
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You can also start a group chat by selecting multiple users and then tap the “Next” button. At first, your friends will get the group chat request, and when they accept it, they can view the whole chat. The messaging feature of the Smule app is available for both free and VIP users!

Pricing of Smule Sing App

Users won’t have to pay any cost to download the app, but remember that the app isn’t entirely free. Smule offers a 7-day free trial option which automatically converts into a paid subscription at the end. In this period, you can try most of the popular songs on the app.

To get access to these songs, you will be required to get a VIP subscription. You can either play on a monthly or annual basis to get access to the entire library. The cost for a monthly subscription to the Smule app is just $7.99 and $39.99 for the whole year.

With the Smule VIP subscription, you will get unlimited access to the entire Smule song library with more than thousands of songs. You can use your subscription across multiple Android or iOS devices. Also, you will enjoy ad-free browsing and access to themes.

Some More Unique and Exciting Features of Smule App 

It’s A Beginner-friendly App: You won’t require any specific knowledge of music or technical karaoke terms to use the Smule app. Being one of the most popular apps in the market today, Smule is accessible to everyone out there. The app is popular among kids as well because of its good content. If you have real talent, just put your best feet out and let the world know you!

Smule Karaoke: Discover a Community of Singers Around the World
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It has a Huge and Rich song library: There are more than 10 million songs available on Smule from a variety of genres and across languages. Users can either join a group or do a duet with their friends or top artists. Hence, with so many options, one can easily find a song you like from any of the following genres and themes they like!

It holds Singing Competitions Quite Often: Recently, Smule held a #10DaysofSing Instagram contest where more than thousands of artists participated. Similarly, there is a lot of competition, Smule held once in a while to help artists get the best possible recognition. The app posts the results on its official social media account and also features the winning sessions in the app itself. 

What Best You Can Do With The Smule App?

You can sing with your favorite celebrities: Apart from such a huge song library, Smule has even partnered with popular artists to record their original karaoke versions. To know more about this, you can check out Anne Marie’s popular Smule video, which is breathtaking. Some other popular artists who have partnered with Smule are Marian Hill, James Arthur, DNCE, and Easton Corbin.

You Can Change Your Musical Themes Every Week: There are several music themes available on the Smule app, and the updates are constantly shared with users through blogs. Also, there are tons of hashtags available to follow. Some of the popular themes from past times are alternative, musicals, summer, and acapella.

You Can Sing Over A Pre-recorded Video: Users get an option to sing over a pre-recorded clip from the real singer. You have to find the song and search for the original audio, and hit the record button. After recording the video, add some exciting visual features or effects to the audio to make it look more appealing.

Tips And Tricks On How To Sing On Smule To Get Popular

Use a Headphone That Has An Attached Microphone: Never rely totally on your phone’s internal microphone because it can lower your audio quality. Also, the phone’s microphone often makes the voice sound distant and slightly distorted. As the headphone’s microphone is closer to your mouth, the recorded audio quality will be superior and clear.  

Smule Karaoke: Discover a Community of Singers Around the World
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And let’s not forget that headphones are easier to carry; you can bend them, rotate them, and twist them around, according to your requirement.

Hold Your Phone Steady Or Just Mount-It: To get famous on the Smule app, your videos must be clear and of good quality. And for this, it’s essential to sit in a comfortable position so that you can hold your device steadily. If you’re using the front-facing camera, make sure that the frame covers your entire face and neck too. 

Choose A Quiet Area Or A Room To Record Any Video

To make sure that your posts are attractive, always record your video in a quiet space. In this way, it will get easier for you to record a video quickly, as there won’t be much interference. Also, make sure that while recording, the background doesn’t have anything embarrassing or offensive objects. If, in any case, any such thing shows up, Smule might take down your video!

Always Practice Before Recording And Review The Video Quite Often: It takes many retakes, multiple practices, and failures to get that perfect, share-worthy video. Many users often get disappointed if they don’t get the right video first, and they end up opting out. But instead of leaving, try warming up and singing your song to yourself before you even open the app! 

Later, record it for real, and listen to how your video session turned out before posting it. If it isn’t the right one, practice it all again, and always make sure that you love your video before anybody else does.

Smule Karaoke: Discover a Community of Singers Around the World
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With a rich library of songs, Smule is truly a great app for recording your favorite track. The pretty neat features help users make the videos more interesting to share on their social media accounts. Hence, without frittering more time away, download the Smule app and enjoy singing today with your favorite artist!